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Level5 Comparing Master

1000 EduCoins

You can become Dave the Comparing master just by completing Comparing Pre-School Lesson.

Go and grab it!

Level6 Shifu The Positions Master

1000 EduCoins

Positions are easy to remember but needs some hard work! complete Positions Lesson for Pre School and you will be awarded with a Badge of Shifu the Positions Master!

Level7 Melvin the Classifier

1 EduCoin

When you know same and different by completing this fun-filled lesson Classify for Pre School, you will be known as Melvin the Classifier...... get it now..... no waiting 🙂

Level8 Marty the Patterns Lover

1 EduCoin

If patterns are never your problem like color, size or shape patterns then you will clear this lesson very easily. Let us prove this to the world.....that you are Marty the Patterns Lover

Level9 Kai the Size Master

1 EduCoin

Tall and short, long and short, wide and narrow and the lot more to prove that you know these all, this will make you the

Level10 Stuart the Money Lover

1 EduCoin

Coins are a really fun way to learn..... prove that you know all coins of the country where you live,  then Stuart the money lover award is yours!!!


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Group G_Test Course Leaderboard

# Avatar Name Test Course A EduCoins
1 Grade2 Test 0 62920
2 Muhammad Qasim 6 23875
3 Grade1 0 20035
4 Jamil Khan 10 8385
5 student2 0 4000
6 User 17A 0 2675
7 Grade3 Test 0 2100
8 Adeel 3 1900
9 Amar Shahz 0 1900
10 Zeeshan Ahamd 0 1860

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